Staff Directory

2021-2022 Staff Directory

Name Position/Subject Voicemail Email Website
Van Selus, Sohne  Principal  303-982-0528  [email protected]  
Banham, Justin  Assistant Principal
   Last Names A - L 
303-982-0528 [email protected]  
Summers, Amanda  Assistant Principal
   Last Names M - Z 
303-982-0528  [email protected]  
Atwell, Erika Dean of Culture  303-982-0528  [email protected]  
Office Staff 
Garcia, Gaby  Principal Secretary, Registrar  303-982-9906 [email protected]  
O'Shea, Janel  Business Manager  303-982-0503 [email protected]
Terry, Gwen Student Services Secretary 303-982-8554 [email protected]
Warnaka, LeeAnn  Health Room Aide  303-982-0509  
 Counseling and Mental Health
Callahan, Natalie  Counselor
   Last Names A - L 
 303-982-2371 [email protected] Counseling Website
Walker, Leslie  Counselor
   Last Names M - Z 
303-982-0502  [email protected] Counseling Website 
Honek, Brooke  Psychologist  303-982-0515 [email protected]  
Ferguson, Tracy GT Counselor  303-982-0482  [email protected]  
Summers, Keith  Social Emotional Learning Specialist  303-982-0517 [email protected]  
Sutton, Jennifer  JCMH School-Based Therapist    [email protected]  
 Instructional Support
Pengelly, Minda  Digital Teacher Librarian  303-982-0526 [email protected]  
Karabensh, Elizabeth  Instructional Coach  303-982-0507  
Hershelman, Ben  District GT Resource Teacher  303-982-5635  
Graham, Cory  NTN Coach  303-982-8171 [email protected]  
Zook, Jenny  NTN Coach  303-982-2037  [email protected]  
Jeffreys, Zack  SPED Paraprofessional  303-982-0528 [email protected]  
Kirk, Maddy  Paraprofessional  303-982-0528  [email protected]  
Rowe, Chris  Paraprofessional  303-982-0528  [email protected]  
West, Debra  Speech Language Pathologist   303-982-3105  [email protected]  
 School Support
Lewis, Officer  School Resource Officer  303-982-0542  [email protected]  
O'Shea, Grant Restorative Practice Liason  303-982-0528  [email protected]  
Lucero, Chris  Facility Manager  303-982-0523 [email protected]  
  Head Custodian  303-982-0523    
Sanchez, Sally  Cafeteria Manager  303-982-0524  [email protected]  
Armstrong, Tim ESL, Spanish 303-982-8367 [email protected]
Chisholm, Matt Social Studies  303-982-0451 [email protected]
Clarke, Tammy Math, Special Ed 303-982-4638 [email protected] Clarke's
Cornell, Sharon  Language Arts  303-982-9866  [email protected]  
Croell, Kurt Language Arts  303-982-5279 [email protected]  
Eden, Chris  Special Ed
Learning Specialist 
 303-982-1898 [email protected]
Feigert, Ben STEM, Digital Design,
303-982-0506 [email protected] Feigert's Website
Gutierrez, Sarah Math 303-982-0511 [email protected]
Hookanson, Kimberly  Physical Educaiton  303-982-2858  [email protected]  
Keane, Tyler Family and Consumer Science, FCCLA   303-982-4515  [email protected]
Kralicek, Donna Language Arts
303-982-0518 [email protected] Kralicek's Website
Lager, Chris Art, Photography 303-982-4930 [email protected] Lager's
Lay, Travis  Math  303-982-1588  [email protected]  
Lees, Nolan  Broadcasting Technology 303-982-4736  [email protected] Lee's
Luna, Erick  Special Ed
Learning Specialist 
303-982-0554 [email protected]  
McAfee, Taylor  Math   303-982-0496 [email protected] McAfee's
O'Brien, Jess  Social Studies  303-982-5828 [email protected]  
Orr, Carin  Science  303-982-2374 [email protected]  
Orr, Dawn Social Studies 303-982-0805 [email protected]
Owston, Rusty Physical Education 303-982-0493 [email protected] Owston's Website
Peterson, Brian Science 303-982-0479 [email protected]
Pfeiffenberger, Kristen GT Language Arts
303-982-3166 Pfeiffenberger's
Randolph, Alexander Band, Choir, Music 303-982-1190
Roach, Debbie  Special Ed
Learning Specialist 
 303-982-0262 [email protected]
Robinson, Ellen Language Arts 303-982-0752 [email protected]
Sanchez, Richard Social Studies 303-982-0548
Staggs, Kelley GT Science 303-982-1116 [email protected] Staggs'
Tanner, Brittany  Science  303-982-2379 [email protected]  
Weber, Jill Science 303-982-0428 [email protected]
Wells, Benjamin GT Social Studies 303-982-0470  [email protected]   
Winegard, Dara  Math  303-982-9385 [email protected]   

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