• enroll for the upcoming school year
  • apply to an alternative school
  • add new students to your household account

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

  • update contact information
  • pay student fees
  • complete free/reduced meal applications

Personal Account Manager

  • parents/guardians can recover username and/or reset password

Jeffco Help

  • get instant answers to "how to" questions and find solutions to common problems

24-25 Electives Pathways

During 6th and 7th grade students get a sampling of all the potential pathways offered.  The goal is for students to find their preferred electives pathway so that they can take year long capstone classes in 8th grade. 

Art Pathway

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Visual Arts 1

Visual Arts 2

Visual Arts 3


Creative Arts Ceramics



Family and Consumer Sciences Pathway

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade






Food, Nutrition, & Culinary Arts


Spanish Pathway

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

World Languages and Culture 


Spanish 1

Spanish 2


Spanish 3


Broadcasting Pathway

7th Grade

8th Grade

Intro to Broadcasting
Intro to Audiovisual


Digital Media Design and Production

STEM  Pathway

7th Grade

8th Grade

STEM Exploration 1


STEM Exploration 2


STEM Cornerstone

Physical Education Pathway

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

6th Grade PE


7th Grade PE

8th Grade PE

Strength and Conditioning


Music Pathway

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


6th Grade Band










pathways explained


Electives Course Catalog


Step 1:  Complete EnrollJeffco:

  • This must be completed every school year.
  • A parent/guardian login must be used for the update; student logins will not work. 
  • Most families complete this step in the spring for the following school year.

Step 2
:  Update Campus Portal:  After July 1st for the new school year.

  • Update all contact information for your household in Campus Portal.
    • This must be completed every school year.
    • A parent/guardian login must be used for the update; student logins will not work.
  • Complete Jeffco Agreements

Step 3
:  Pay Student Fees:  After August 2nd

  • In Campus Parent Portal, click on More to locate the Jeffco Student Fee Payment link.
  • Class fees are tied to a student’s course schedule for the year, and may change slightly if a schedule is changed.
  • You will see fees for the entire year, so you may see a fee listed that you do not see on the class schedule in August.
  • If applying for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program, wait to pay fees until you receive a response from that program.  If approved, notify the school financial office to have fees waived.  
  • You can pay fees for all of your Jeffco students at one time.
  • A list of fees by class can be viewed here. (**This is the preliminary 2023-24 list to give you a rough idea of what your fees might be; a finalized fees list is coming soon.)


Step 4:  Visit SchoolCafe: After July 1, 2023

  • Visit the food services website, SchoolCafe. This login is not the same as your Enroll Jeffco and Campus Portal information, and you will need to create a new account if it is the first time you have logged in.
  • Deposit money into the student's account, if applicable.
  • Complete the HSMA Combination Form
    • Even though all students will receive free meals this year, this application process is still vital for school funding.
    • If approved for free or reduced meals, contact the school financial office to have student fees waived.
    • Approval through this program allows your student fees at North Arvada to be waived.
    • Students may be eligible for additional benefits if approved.

Step 5
:  Purchase a Yearbook, if wanted: After July 1, 2023

  • Yearbooks can be purchased directly from Josten's at  Online ordering is the preferred order method.
  • The price will be $30 until the end of October.  After that date, the price will be $35.  See the yearbook page for order deadlines.
  • Yearbook order forms will be accepted with payment.  Checks should be made out to Josten's.


Step 6:  Register for Transportation, if applicable: After July 1, 2023

Step 7:  Supply  Lists

Step 8
:   View Student Schedules:  Available in the Campus Portal in early August.

Step 9
:   First Day of Class:   

  • August 15th
    • First day & orientation for 6th grade students only
    • Modified Contact Day; 6th grade students will attend (times TBD)
    • Breakfast and lunch will be served
    • 7th & 8th grade students do not have school.
  • August 16th
    • All students attend a full day
    • first day of school for 7th & 8th grade

Step 10
:    Picture Day: August 24th

  • More information, and order details, coming soon.
  • Retake picture day TBD


Prior to the first day of school, familiarize yourself with North Arvada's website, as well as the following school and district information:

NORTH ARVADA INFO - (updated 2023-2024 versions are coming soon)



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